The Hero We Need? This guy invented a gun that shoots masks onto people's faces

As COVID-19 began to rapidly spread across the globe, researchers soon agreed that one of the best ways to curb its spread would be the widespread use of face masks. Masks undoubtedly save lives, but unfortunately some people aren't taking the problem seriously. Some think that masks infringe on their freedom to have their faces exposed. Freedom is one of the most treasured ideals in the US - but so are guns. This gave YouTuber Allen Pan an idea. The face mask gun.

Powered by an 800 PSI CO2 canister, equipped with a laser site, and with magnets bound to the straps, Pan's gun fires a face mask at any anti-masker's face, quickly neutralizing their COVID breath. After successfully testing the device on a dummy and then himself, Pan took his gun to one of the most anti-mask places in California: Huntington Beach.

Through a little practice, beachgoing civilians figured out how to aim and fire the gun quickly. Now all Pan needs to do is get these guns mass produced, and together we can all mask the world.

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